One on one mentoring for Latino Youth in Hillsboro

The Hillsboro School District and Big Brothers Big Sisters have partnered and launched a youth mentoring and support program for 9th/10th grade Latino young men in the Hillsboro School District. The purpose of this program is to, through various strategies, increase positive school connection and belonging, improve academic outcomes, and ultimately increase graduation and college-going rates for student participants. One main strategy is the mentoring. This is where Big Brothers’ participation is crucial.

We are seeking male volunteers who can be a consistent caring adult friend to spend one-on-one time with the student as a friend. The minimum commitment is meeting two times a month.  A commitment of 12 months is required.  This is not a classroom program and it’s not tutoring – it’s about being a friend. One-on-one time involves engaging in free/low cost activities such as shooting hoops, playing soccer, talking, going out to eat or simply hanging out. A Big Brother can open up a world of possibilities and opportunities for a young man simply by being a genuine friend.

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