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We’re turning the typical nonprofit luncheon event on its head! Facilitated by On Your Feet we are creating an interactive experience that’s part networking, part learning and part brainstorming the ways businesses and individuals in Portland can support workforce development to help youth launch their potential!

  • Network with a variety of companies and community leaders (meet new, creative people!)
  • Learn from successful Littles (be inspired by Littles making a BIG difference!)
  • Brainstorm together the ways you and your business can make a greater impact on the workforce of tomorrow (Contribute creative ideas to build a better workforce!)

The Big Futures Luncheon will be facilitated by On Your Feet

On Your Feet designs and delivers groundbreaking interactive experiences for the world’s most innovative brands through trainings, events, retreats, team sessions, innovation workshops, and more! On Your Feet is committed to that same mission that we love to repeat: more joy, less fear, better results.


For more information, contact Katie MacDonald

[email protected]

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