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Kati Rodriguez Perez

Match Success Specialist

Kati (kah-tee) was born and raised in rural Northeastern Oregon before moving to Eugene to attend the University of Oregon as a first-generation student. They double majored in Indigenous, Race and Ethnic studies and English with a minor in Native American Indigenous studies. Enraged by the systemic injustices faced daily by them, their community and beyond, Kati worked alongside other changemakers in the child welfare system, higher education, and sexual violence prevention and education throughout their undergraduate career.  

Kati is deeply motivated by their own lived experiences with the foster care system, immigration, mental health stigma, settler colonialism, systemic racism, ableism… they strive to work alongside community members who aim to create a safe and just world for people of historically marginalized communities. They believe in the power and creativity of youth and strive to empower youth from adverse backgrounds to reach their full potential. 

Kati loves reading anti-oppression and decolonial literature, mental health literature, young adult novels and poetry. They are an avid cat person, living with three of their own! Kati hopes to capture more of life on film while enjoying long walks around Portland.